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The categories are not a grade of the image, instead are indications of the actual conditions at the time the scenes were photographed.  Eastern scenes generally have some haze and are less defined and less imposing than western scenes.  All scenes are designed as backdrops to blend into your layout.

Sky codes E=Eastern,  W=Western,  none=older variations mostly western

For HO scale 36 inch high

Some scenes have nothing in the foreground so there is no  reason to scale the scene down for HO.  We use the same scene (scale) as for O scale.  Those scenes are indicated on the stock number page as Category ?O, example AO or CO.  If you want more sky and less scene, tell us or add an S to the end of the stock number.  This applies only to HO using 36 inch high scenes.  More info on scale


A    Very sharp, no haze, high definition, usually western

B    Sharp, a little haze, varied definition, not as imposing as A, usually western

C    More subtle, some haze, possibly high contrast between snow and trees, less individual definition, much less imposing than A or B, tending toward a painting

D    Moderate definition, haze in background, closer objects clearer, usually eastern agricultural and hills

E    Moderate definition foreground, heavy haze and low definition in distance, usually eastern mountains

F    Low definition, heavy haze, tending toward a painting, usually eastern mountains

G    Moderate to high definition over most, usually eastern cities and commercial         

Scenes from one location can be used for another.  Many parts of the country look similar to other locations.  Example: Colorado agriculture may be similar to some California agriculture.