Extended Warrantee

Covers damage to backdrops and backgrounds up to 4 years from purchase date.

Cost is $40 / scene to be paid at time of original order.  All quantity discounts apply ($32 ea with 3 or more).

See MEDIA on INDEX for media/ink warrantee for fading/cracking/yellow

What is covered:

  1) Failure - fading, media rip or other failure not accidental.  Unlikely as this has never happened in many many thousands of backdrops sold.

  2) Accidental failure - rip, water damage, dirt, ripples, falling down or any other unintentional damage.


  1) All scenes to be replaced must be torn down and a significant part returned to us to prove the original has been destroyed and not reusable.

  2) We must be notified of warrantee request and an RMA requested.  Look at returning merchandise at the bottom of the PRICING page.  Do not return to the address published on this website.

  3) Warrantee only covers the cost of a scene replacement and transition.  It does not cover media charge (currently $10/scene) and shipping.  Shipping is currently $15 / 3 scenes. Both the media charge and shipping will be determined at the time of replacement and will be the published rate at that time.

  4) Only exact replacements are allowed. No modifications from the original order are allowed.

  5) One scene replacement one time per warrantee. Replacement does not extend the warrantee period.  A new warrantee can be purchased for the replacement scene.  A warrantee is not scene specific so you can purchase less warrantees than scenes purchased, however, if replacement is need, only the same number of scenes as there are warrantees will be covered. The rest will be full price.

We cannot guarantee a color match to scenes not replaced.  All scenes that are continuous must be reprinted if a color match is required. Color variations are small and there may be no difference but then we cannot guarantee how close it will match.  This also applies to horizon matching.  All scenes are custom printed and there may be variations to horizon and other details over time.  A replacement may be the same as the original or it may not.  To be sure, all scenes that are continuous should be replaced.

Not available for Blemish, EB scenes, ES scenes, EG scenes, EzKut, samples, Canvas