We now have realistic cut-out clouds that can be placed on our backdrops or your painted wall.  EzKut clouds are real cloud photographs that are modified to be cut out and are printed on special thin plastic for minimum edge and with an adhesive backing. This media is not water resistant so don't get it wet. There are 2 challenges to make your clouds look like clouds or whoops, spilled white paint.

Easy Challenge 1    Cutting the cloud from the sheet

The cloud has to be cut from the light blue sky (the sky is there only for definition).  Clouds are lighter on top with RANDOM (keyword) serrations that vary in size.  The bottom is darker and is more flowing waves.  Look at the red line on the image below.  Before starting, have clean hands.  You might consider white or plastic gloves.

First cut the cloud roughly from the sky leaving about an 1/2 inch of sky. Then cut along the white edge of the cloud using scissors and using the other hand to rotate the cloud back and forth as you cut.  Be RANDOM.  On the bottom use less rotation for waves.  Keep cutting as you rotate and don't make sharp edges. You can trim a little off if the first cut isn't right as you have about 1 inch to cut before you cut too deep into the cloud.  You can leave an occasional light blue as part of the cloud. Little to no blue on top is better with varying amounts on the bottom.  Multiple images of the same cloud can be cut differently for different clouds.  Getting the bottom to blend is harder than the more defined top.

On the bottom there is the darker end of cloud and a splatter blue to give fading into the sky.  You can cut into either depending on your preference.  The enlarged exaggerated example shows possible cut lines.  Cutting in the dark part may give better results.

Easy Challenge 2   Placing the cloud

Clouds are not stacked like bricks.  Look at pictures as to where clouds are.  The worst is to have the same size cloud every 12 inches on center.  Place clouds RANDOMLY with a mix of sizes.   Double sided scotch tape that has been de-stickied by your finger or gluestik can also be used on the back of the protective paper. Don't press so as not to stick the cloud and damage the backdrop print. Be very careful when temporarily placing clouds. A stuck cloud or damaged sky may require a cloud to cover the damage to the print.  Check your cut to see how it looks as a real cloud.

EZ CL 10 seam cover clouds would go over the sky seam. Use the mark at the top as the center of the cloud stack.  Clouds can be cut out of the stack if necessary. 

Caution: Be sure to test the location and look of the clouds before removing the protective paper.  The self adhesive once stuck to the backdrop cannot be removed.

When you know where the cloud should go, remove the protective paper starting from the top.  A mark on the white top is not as noticeable as a mark on the dark bottom.  Start from the middle and press the cloud with the adhesive on to the backdrop.  Work out from the middle to remove any ripples. 

With a little practice, your cloud will look like this.

clouds are available at

EzKut buildings and clouds are exclusively available on  They are not available anywhere else including Backdrop Warehouse (BackDrop Warehouse is the manufacturer).  Please purchase easily online at modelmart.