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  Building Fronts

Our EzKut building fronts are photographic fronts of buildings on heavy paper (12 mils) with a nylon mesh imbedded and are water resistant. The media is banner material designed for outside use. Although they are not self supporting, small edges are self supporting if used with a backing. Each image has been modified to remove hard to cut around objects and has a thin gray border to aid in cutting.  They are printed at our highest resolution and enhanced to be as sharp as possible.  They are photographic so there are variations in color and sharpness.

They can be used with any backdrop or background from Backdrop Warehouse or All Scale Backdrops, or can be used on your own painting or blue sky.  They can also be spaced away from the backdrop by using cardboard or foam board.  We recommend fastening with rubber cement.

Select the correct scale OS = O scale and HO = HO.  Sizes are approx. 30 in. wide by 10 in. high except as marked.  Some O scale scenes are higher or may use the HO size.  Scenes A, B, C go together for 60, 90 inches.  Use the ruler to check scale size.

EzKut buildings and clouds are exclusively available on EzKut is a shop on ModelMart. They are not available anywhere else including Backdrop Warehouse (BackDrop Warehouse is the manufacturer).  Please purchase easily online at modelmart.

Look at demo1, demo2,  demo3 for  samples of how they look on a background.

Over 50 scenes available

Building Fronts are available at ModelMart 



Our Ez Kut clouds are photographic clouds printed on thin plastic with an adhesive backing. The clouds are modified for cutting out of the 36 inch x 10 inch sheet.  There are several clouds to a sheet, each for individual cut-out. Clouds are modified to have mostly defined edges yet feathered enough for some random bumps and valleys. For removal and installation instructions go to

clouds are available at

  Are 17 x 40 mini backdrops inch sold on