A sample of the resolution of our backdrops/backgrounds is shown below.  BackDrops will be sharper than BackGrounds since they are printed at 600 dots/inch (6 ink colors) vs 300 dpi (4 ink colors) and a much larger digital file.  The actual sharpness of an image varies widely depending on lighting, haze, distance, the subject and wind.  Eastern hills or mountains will be considerably less sharp than western or commercial.  Look at the sharpness code for sharpness indicators. Also larger backdrops (36 in. x 12 ft.) will have more detail than EB scenes (10 in. x 8 ft.). Smaller scenes are reduced from largest size, not blown up to largest size. We use our proprietary image capture and proprietary image processing for highest resolution. Far more detail than any competition. BackDrops may be super sharp with detail at 3 inch viewing distance with A and A+ sharpness code.  These are backdrops not color saturated advertisements. Look at How We Do It.   Also look at World's Largest Images.

Also look at BackDrops vs BackGrounds

Also look at SAMPLES