Sale only available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Stock number for sale item = SA LE 99M     use this number to get the $125.00 price 

BackDrop Picture stock number  >> BD CM 880525M <<  1 week only.  Do not use this number to order.

Size 36 (34.75) inches high by 12 ft (160 inches) HO or O scale (your choice).
Can be purchased with other scenes.
No modifications allowed except reversal is allowed.
No other discounts and does not qualify for our 2 or 3 scene discounts.
Limit one per month to a shipping address/customer. Shipping address must match credit card billing address.
New scenes every week except as noted, generally up on Thursday.  
      Price $125.00  (includes super media $17 charge, does not include $20 shipping per order). 

 This price for this scene only as shown below at size  BG  36 X 12

                 Thursday - Sunday  $257 plus shipping
Regular price is $ 240 + $17 media charge.  Look at PRICING for standard sizes and pricing.

Save $132

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Orders placed for sale scene on Thurs - Sun will be discarded or may be charged normal $257

Shipping to Canada is $60.00 USD for sale scene.  Not available outside USA and Canada.