1)   We will print a sample from the scene of your selection and scale, BackDrop or BackGround, size 3.5 in wide x 17.25 in high, on our super media, full scale and mail it to you. Cost $15 each   $15 credit   less discounts for samples purchased applied to each minimum $175 ordered (PRICING list price minus $15), you MUST tell us you bought samples.  Sample usually taken from side away from label and with about 3 inch of sky. USA only (BackDrops & BaclGrounds only, no ES, EB, EG, Ez )   Example  No guarantee on color match although BD better than BG.


Sample BackGround ......... stock # .. BG SM 1806

18 inches high by 6 ft   

$49.95 plus $20 shipping (additional charge for shipping outside continental USA)  One sample per customer.