New Backlit Media

 We now have a new Backlit Media.   

Note: We will drop Backlit Media when stock is depleted. We had very little call for this product.

Article here on how to use it.    

  • Water Resistant
  • white
  • super flat - no reflectivity
  • no waves or wrinkles

This media is a moderately stiff polyester film (7 mils) with a white coating that is 75% opaque.  Clouds are still white and it looks exactly like a normal backdrop but can be lighted from behind. When used without lighting it looks the same as our super media.  It is plastic so may have expansion/contraction problems that paper does not have. Only vertical sizes available 21" and 42 " and 36" priced as 42". Normal scene pricing with discounts, add $20 / scene for the media charge which would be $12 for our regular (super) media. Be sure to specify backlit media or you will get our normal super media.

WATER RESISTANT - The ink soaks into the surface coating so that it will not peel, crack or run if wet. The printed surface will not scratch unless you tear the paper. Accidental water splashed on the surface has no effect. Heavy and continuous wetting may require our spray.  Let the water evaporate or blow dry, do not rub or sponge off. We have a water proofing spray if you need it, but on most layouts the backdrop can be protected by a plastic cover during construction. Although the media is water resistant, use caution.

Inks are long life UV protected. 3M advertised indoor life at 20 years under indoor lighting and we have seen specs as long as no fade for 300 yrs (wonder how they arrived at this). Our test sample is 2 feet from a south facing window which puts direct sun on the test piece at least part of the day.  The test started July 2000 and there is no fading to date. We have a water proofing spray if you need it, but on most layouts the backdrop can be protected by a plastic cover during construction. Although the media is water resistant, use caution.

Tear Resistant will not tear or scratch.  Is very strong and can hang without backing but needs a strong support at top as it is heavy.  It is plastic so may expand/contract with temperature.  Will not have small ripples as it is stiff, but can be creased for a 90 deg corner. 

BackDrops are printed with 6 ink colors where BackGrounds are 4 ink colors. The color, contrast and overall look are calibrated to be the same. 6 ink vs. 4 ink may give better color tone on a few scenes but without comparing the two, differences are minimal.  The best chance to see a difference is on commercial scenes where there are many colors, the least chance is on landscape where there is less red and blue as the additional colors are red (light magenta) and blue (light cyan).

INSTALLATION has not been determined but possibly mounted on Plexiglas with super 77 or rubber cement and the Plexiglas attached to a frame.  We will be looking for ideas and possibly photos and articles.  Initial test indicate it might be best to just hang from top with or without Plexiglas behind but not glued to the Plexiglas.  Any glue behind may show.  It will not tear if hung.

Our backlit test are VERY IMPRESSIVE - WOW!    How about the lighting for the layout coming from the backdrop with the sky brighter than the bottom. Really a sky lit layout.  

 We tried a graduated back light with the sky bright and scene darker - AWESOME! 

Because this media is so expensive for us, we have a $20 media charge per panel (per scene).

We recommend you buy the sample $39.95 (no media charge)+ $10 shipping, size 12in. x 40.75in., the same scene as on our normal sample except 12 in. high. Test lighting and installation before buying many feet of the real thing. Refund of $20 for orders over $200.

  Stock #BG SB 1242

Warrantee: We will replace the damaged scene for no charge with the same scene, same size if the media goes bad within one year after purchase. Bad means, yellowing, cracking, distortions, wrinkles, fading or other problems not caused by poor installation or damage from being part of the overall layout. Some types of experimental installations may also be covered. Please check with us before attempting an installation method not listed on our web page.