We seldom have a problem with installation or getting the order correct, however a higher percentage happens with model RR clubs.  We think the reason is as follows:

    Clubs have many people preparing the order and working with the backdrops before and after.

    Individuals did not pay for the backdrops so do not have the same appreciation for value as they would had they paid.

    Time is short so jobs wait and are passed around.

    Different people, different ideas


Clubs get a 15% discount after other normal discounts on BG and BD so we absolutely require the following:

    All problems must be identified within 20 days after receipt.  No corrections will be made for problems discovered after this date.

    All defective or problem backdrops must be returned in the same condition as received. Insure as necessary.  We must receive the backdrop in top condition.  No credit will be given for backdrops installed then a problem discovered.   Our discount for damage during installation does apply, but this was not a mistake from us.

    The backdrop is for the club, not members of a club.

Discount does not apply to EB scenes, EZScenes, EzKut, samples, blemishes, canvas

We will require a letter from head person on club letterhead stating what is ordered and for what purpose. Do not include credit card or shipping information. Letter will be faxed to number supplied.