HELP for BackDrops BackGrounds for model railroads / trains


Why buy from BackDrop Warehouse



NO fisheye, NO panoramic angle     distorted views - do you really want 10 ft grass on ends and 2 ft car in middle or single point view? Check the scene carefully for scale change and distortions. Look carefully for N scale middle / ends, G on ends / middle. Our special process eliminates this problem.
NO 20 ft high car in middle and 2 ft trees on ends, our scenes are straight on view scale correct over the entire length, 100, 200 ft. Compare our scenes to any others for distortion, color, cutoff, scale. NO MIXED SCALE

Most backdrops taken from a single point have the problem of fisheye or reverse fisheye/ mixed scale and no control over color, size, clouds or content. It depends on the scene at that location.
It may be hard to detect.  Look carefully at  foreground trees, signs, grass, fence at both ends and middle and check object size vs. the print size and compare to your train at the distance from the backdrop.  Is the grass 10 ft or building 2 ft. 
Remember your train is a fixed distance and fixed perspective from the backdrop. Mixed scale on the backdrop means your train passes 10 ft grass and 1 ft trees. A single point panorama looks wrong.
Look for the middle content in distance with ends close or the other way. A result of one point panorama. Conventional digital photography has all of the problems mentioned and low resolution for large prints. BackDrop Warehouse will print homemade images but to our knowledge only one was ever used. Do-it-yourself will probably exceed our cost and time of BDWH 15 yrs experience trouble free, high resolution backdrops.
I can find 200 ft trees, 30 ft signs, 10 ft fence posts, 5 ft grass, 2 ft houses and varied distance to scene.
Many people buy backdrops with these problems only to find out too late.  BackDrop Warehouse uses different technology for much higher resolution and avoid fisheye, scale, color, sky problems. Our process also allows for exact matching scenes 50 - 300 ft.
Also watch for mixed sky colors, mixed non matching content, non matching scale, chopped off clouds, sky and scenes. Look carefully at the scale of content over the entire scene for the requested print size unless you want 10 ft grass and 200 ft trees. Different print sizes may give different scales.  Not so with BackDrop Warehouse. We can do Z, N, HO, O scale vertical at 12, 18, 24, 36, 42, 54, 60, 72, 78, 80, unlimited horizontal. Ask how.
Additional cautions, resolution (the larger the print the lower the resolution), quality and resolution of printer, quality and properties of print material (long term color change and fading), quality of matching multiple scenes, quality and properties of ink used (fading), guarantees against damage. BackDrop Warehouse details on INDEX.


BACKDROP WAREHOUSE uses different technology to avoid these problems.

Properly scaled to YOUR preference, not ours, Z,N,HO,O, and printed on expensive UV safe, nylon embedded, water resistant, 12 mil banner. We also provide exact matching multiple scenes, sky, clouds 50, 100, 200 ft in ONE ( reduce seams ) piece sections 8, 10, 12 ft.

If you need help you can Call Toll Free   We cannot pick scenes (it is your layout) but may be able to get you started.