Welcome and thanks of using our BackDrop Mock-up and Scenery Design program

This program will allow you to select the scenes you need for your layout, arrange them, resize them, view them with a sample layout and when you are ready, place an order or quit. An order is not required. This program is separate from our main web site and is a great way to see what your backdrop will really look like on a layout.  Checkout gives total order PRICING.

This program has been tested for use with Internet Explorer 5.0 and later and Netscape 6.0 and later.  It may not work properly with some versions of AOL.  It is used by 25-50 people / day.

Reduced 1/2 size scenes like (BG CM 278M) (HO & N)  are not in Mockup - use full size stock numbers.

MOCKUP is only to put scenes together. It is NOT good for scaling, does NOT show NOTES or WARNINGS or SHARPNESS. Look at the same numbers on our main web for any details for that stock number(s). You are responsible for scale (trees, buildings) size.

First, take a breath and read the instruction on the demo. You must then do the same on the selected scenes, one at a time, left (1) to right (5).  If that doesn't work, try reading the instructions below.   For old hands, this is the way in.

We have rebuilt MOCKUP with new scenes. If you find errors, please call.

  Open and Demo

Please read

This browser (window) is the only one that holds the scenes that you select.  If you return to the main site, you must return to this browser (window) to continue to run the MockUp program.  If a second window opens {pricing, install, expanded image, scale}, you are back at the main site and should close that window before continuing.  Don't attempt to continue with MockUp in the second window.  Always close the second window (main site)  before continuing with MockUp in this window.

Serious bug in Internet Explorer 6  - IMPORTANT
Does NOT affect Mockup
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What people are saying about our backdrops

There is little information here about our backdrops. You must return to our web site for information such as PRICING, SCALE INFO, INSTALLATION, TRANSITIONS. Click on any of the second tier buttons to return to our web.   Use the top buttons to select categories the same as on our web.

Each time you return to our main web for information a new browser will open. You should close each browser when you return to the mock-up program otherwise you will have a screen full of browsers.  

When you select the scenes, you must do it left to right as you will install them, #1 being extreme left. 

Category pages

Works like a shopping cart and does not have information about the scene.  Click on the stock number link for notes.

Each scene will have a dropdown box with 0 - 5.     0 means not used. 1 would be the first on the left as you are installing the backdrops.  Select 1 for the first scene on the left. 

Next select the direction.   is the normal way. If this is correct, skip. If you want a reversed scene, click on .  You must click on the arrow to log your request and hold. 

Last is the size. is 12 ft. the default. If this is correct, skip. If you want 10 ft. or 8 ft. you must click on or to log your request and hold.

We cut down the entire scene in this program, clouds and all.  The actual scene will have the clouds moved right or left so no cloud is closer to the edge than 10 inches.

When you are finished with a scene you must click to log your choice.  Only one scene is read for each .  On click you will get the next page which is a listing of the scenes selected.

Scene Listing

After a category page you will get a listing of all the scenes selected with the first (left) on top.  You can return to the category buttons at any time and add or remove scenes.  Use the dropdown to change the location by entering 1-5. The old scene at that location will be dropped.  To remove a scene you must use the D in the dropdown. The scene previously at that position will become blank. Click  to get to the updated scene listing page.  Note: The lower case e or w on the web stock numbers (BG HL 159Ae) indicate eastern or western sky and are not really part of the stock number and are ignored here.

There may be scale notes for individual scenes on our main web.  Each final scene should be checked by clicking the stock number link for each selected scene on the CATEGORY (shopping cart) pages.

For multiple use of scenes, enter the first position like 1 and Add. Return to the same scene and enter a new position like 2 and reversed. The category page will show only the latest position but the layout will have the same scene in positions 1 and 2. The earlier position becomes a phantom    since it does not show on the category pages.  To remove a phantom, set the original scene to this position (1) and Add, then delete (D)  the same position on that scene and Add.   You must un-phantom any position (set this position on some scene) before making changes or deleting.

A quick way to find a scene by stock number is to use FAST FIND found on the LISTING page.

Layout Presentation

When the arrangement is correct, click on the vertical size for the entire backdrop. For this representation we have only 4 sizes [36 (O), 24 (HO), 18 (N scale) and 18 (HO scale)].  We have other sizes available for purchase which may be between the 4 shown. You will see a representation of the scenes with a pseudo layout.  There are 5 choices of pseudo layout scenes. You will also see an approximate total length and a ruler. You can return to the category buttons and change as necessary but when all is the way you want, click Add 1 to get the scene listing, then click the vertical size and scale for the layout, then from the layout page click Tabulate your order

Order Tabulation

You will now get a small listing which will match the fields on the on-line order. Reversals will be indicated by R in the letter part of the part number. You can now continue to on-line order or call in your order. Do not go to on-line order unless you are ready to order on-line. A credit card is required.  On-line scene limit is 5.  Call us if ordering more than 5 scenes 1-800-540-1708, also call if you are ordering TRANSITIONS.  This page can be printed for a call-in order.   Thanks for your order. 

If you are ordering BackDrops instead of BackGrounds, click on the BackDrop button and the stock numbers will be translated to the BackDrop stock numbers for the listing and order.  Use BackGrounds to develop your mockup.

You can reset all choices by clicking RESET on the scene listing page.

Notes, Sharpness and other information

If you see   you should look at the same stock number on the main web for warnings. You should check for notes and sharpness codes on the main web anyway for all possible selections.  Mockup is for horizontal compatibility only and does not have the whole story.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR N SCALE:  N Scale scenes are printed 10 and 8 ft, not 12, 10, 8.  Use 12 and 10 ft here to get the correct look.  8 ft is not available for N 18 inch on the category pages, only 12 and 10.  You will get a size error if you have 8 ft. and select 18 inch N scale when going to the Layout Presentation.    The Layout Presentation for N 18 will drop 12 ft. scenes to 10 and 10 to 8 for the corrected total length and individual scene length on your order.  Using 8 ft here would drop to 6 ft which doesn't exist.  Return to Listing page

Note for EB scenes: This program is not designed for EB scenes. Use any size.

TRANSITIONS:  You can test scenes for compatibility of TRANSITIONS but to order you must tell us by phone which scenes need a TRANSITION. We do not guarantee any degree of matching or horizon height between scenes of different numbers unless we do a transition.

If you have an error, return to this page and REFRESH, then start again.  This clears the program.

Written by Comtech Solutions