1)  You can change the position 1-5    of any scene by selecting a new position on the dropdown or opening any other scene and using the same position number. You must select a position,  try it now .  You must then click .

2)  You can change the size  8, 10, 12 ft by clicking button and reverse by clicking   .

3)  Scene positions can be deleted by the dropdown D   

4)  Use FastFind if you know the BackGround number.  You can get the BackGround number off the main web on the stock number category pages.

5)  If you are using the on-line purchase in Mockup and want BackDrops instead of BackGrounds, use the BackDrop conversion button at the end of the program on the Pricing page.

6)  If you see   you should look at the same stock number on the main web for warnings. You should check for notes and sharpness codes on the main web anyway for all possible selections.  Mockup is for horizontal compatibility only and does not have the whole story.

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