Buy any BackGround or BackDrop any scene any scale and get 47% off (+$17 media charge &  $20 S&H)


After installing our BackDrops/BackGrounds, take photos of your layout with our backdrops/backgrounds and post them on  This is a very easy program to post photos of your layout.  gets 600 - 1000 people / day over 60,000 hits / day.  We will recalculate your charge and credit back to your account a credit according to the table below. Your page will be higher on the list with our backdrop showing. Finished or construction photos ok.  Note: photos installing our backdrop are appreciated and do qualify. 

  We now have backlit media  

1) For the first scene purchased we will discount $90 off the list price before quantity discounts. This applies to any backdrop or background, any scale, and vertical sizes 18, 24, 36, 42 x 8, 10, 12 ft.

2) For each additional scene purchased on the same order we will discount $20 off the list price.

Example: One purchased 36 x 12  list $190 (no discounts) - $90 after photos posted, we credit back $90.   Final cost $100 (+$15 media charge and $20 S&H)

Example: Four 36 x 12 list $190 x 4 = $760 (-20% discount) = $608 (plus media charge $15 ea. & shipping $20)  originally paid and recalculated below
   (1) 36 x 12   $190 -$90 = $100
   (2) 36 x 12   $190 -$20 = $170 x 3 = $510
             $100 + $510 = $610 - 20% = $488 (plus media charge & shipping) corrected charge after photos posted
               $608 - $488 = $120    You get a credit of $120 and you already got a discount of 20% value $152  
                         Total saving of $272


1) Like any promotion it can be discontinued at any time. Scenes purchased before discontinue will receive the discount.

2) You must have at least 5 different photos of your layout and showing our backdrops posted on

3) The photo file size cannot be greater than 100kb and must be jpg.  Average size is around 50kb.

4) You must tell us by email that your have posted your photos.

5) Available for credit card sales only

6) Only one myrrlayout credit per customer, although you can have more than one page on myrrlayout.

7) You must have your finished or construction photos posted no later than 90 days after you placed the order for backdrops (we are a little flexible on this but contact us if over 90 days). Either close-up or long shots are ok. Look at sample page on HO.

8) The photos must clearly show our backdrops, no less than 30% visible in the photo(s) and reasonably good photos not dark, blurry or washed out or duplicate. Photos with a touch of backdrop or hard to see (too light or dark), or mostly the same view do not count. Photos that show a great layout with a touch of backdrop do not count. The photos advertise our backdrops and must not make them look bad. Look at the sample page.

9) There must be some reasonable text to explain your layout and meet site qualifications (spelling, etc.). Look at other layout pages for examples.

10) Modified backdrops like cutting out the sky do not qualify.

11) Does not apply to samples, canvas, blemishes, EB scenes, EZKut, EZScenes, N or Z scale 6 ft

12) We do not accept any photos or images at BackDrop Warehouse.