Quality Card Responses

Better than expected, easy to install with tape. 01190038 Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Detail is great! Going to be great in part because of you!  01350109
I went right in and tackled putting it up permanently by myself, unfortunately the background was going up at a bad angle so I pulled it back up and set it right.  Paste was discovered in several areas which I wiped up gently with water.   A perfect job. and it is awesome.  01370087 Thanks for a quality product.  Please do not sacrifice quality for lower prices.  We look forward to purchasing another background in the near future.  01490156
Expensive, but worth it!  01590201 Quality was beyond expectation!  01170343
Wow!  What a difference!  Great product!  01750245 Great Product!  01980308
Awesome! just like you said.  people come over and are amazed at how it looks.  01110350 A terrific product!  It arrived quickly and in perfect condition.  01280394
Very nice. I was impressed by the quality of the work and the strength of the material.  01230401 Fantastic!  02120004
All of the panels have been installed - the panorama of +/- 200 feet of your photographs are breathtaking. In the main, I am extremely pleased with the quality and effect of your backdrops. Some specific comments are listed below -

" Overall quality was great. The only apparent deficiency was a mismatch on one panel of the sky color/shade. This made the border on either side of this panel rather apparent. All other panels matched well on both foreground and sky. The transitions were great.

" Installation was done with a professional paperhanger, who had considerable experience with horizontal murals. The results were excellent.  He used butt splices on all panels that were near perfect.  02130032

Tape worked great!  02270050
Awesome!  02220059
 Will buy again, very easy to work with, great products  02250071
Great company to deal with, easy web site to use.  02250071
Outstanding product, fast shipping, easy to deal with.  02330075
They will make layout a real showcase.  02340090
Beautiful backdrops. They are everything they advertise.  02380102
 I bought 12 and I'm very happy with them.  02380084
Excellent product, will be a great addition to my layout.  02280073
Excellent backgrounds, will look great on my layout.  02180036
Another great product!  01290397
Looks Great, will send photos  01290384
Excellent backdrop - Just what we wanted.  01190366
Will add substantially to my layout.  01160360
Building a new layout. Used your backdrops on the old layout too. Wouldn't use anything else. 02290354
I just wanted to let you know I just received my background and LOVE IT!

The quality and durability far exceeded my expectations.

I had expected a magazine glossy type material, but was surprised to see that it is actually composed of a very HIGH QUALITY wallpaper/vinyl type material(?). I had better read your website to find  what it actually is composed of.


In fact, I took the plunge and actually mounted it on the wall of my train room using "T Pins" just to see what it looked like.

I did this by myself, which I do not recommend, but it just goes to show how it stood up against my brutal mounting.

The durability was very high, as it DID NOT rip, tear or otherwise get damaged by the pins. I even gave it a "tug test", and it did not rip.

I also trimmed the background to fit on the wall of my layout. The trimming was easy and I was able to trim it using an exacto knife.

The background stood up to the abuse of putting it up by "myself", taking it down, moving it into another room to trim, and back up again.

Even my nickel and quarter size drops of sweat (nervous) on the "back" did not damage it, although while it was wet it did dimple a little, but nothing permanent.

Folds and light creases during this process had minimal lasting effect.

I purchased the Manhatten skyline and will send you pictures shortly of the construction of my New York Central O Gauge layout.

I definitely plan on buying more!

All the best! Vince  01170343

Custom Builder - Customer was so happy with BackGrounds  he bought 5 more.
Used scotch double sided poster tape.  Worked great. I am very pleased with your product. thanks  02090310
Fantastic! Really brightens up the layout room!  02830224

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