Selection Service - For the people that want our help in deciding what they need

We will review your drawings, photos, text and make suggestions by phone or email. It is still your layout and you make the final decision. Cost for our time to review your requirements is $60/hr with a 1 hr minimum prepaid. We will suggest scene stock numbers, sizes, transitions, quality of transitions, and other options available. This is strictly a review and suggestion service and does not guarantee a sale or change policy or pricing.  Usually only 1 hr is required but multiple reviews are multiple charges. Call us to order.  USA & Canada only.  Warning - If you expect us to design your multiple backdrops around the room, we will charge the $60 and say sorry no way. A serious layout requires many hours of YOUR time to decide what YOU want. You must request this service at first contact. DO NOT send drawings, photos by email.  NO returns on order placed, return policy waived.