BackDrop Warehouse no longer sells to hobby shops as a retailer to customers. Direct sales from us to customers have a problem rate of well under 1% but when a hobby shop got involved, it jumped to 75%.  We now only sell directly to the end user.

We have a program for hobby shops.  If you recommend us to a customer, call us and give us the first 4 of first name, first 4 of last name and first 4 of zip of the customer and your business name and phone number.    johnsmit4769   We put the customer code and your name in our database and if the customer places an order of at least $200, we will call you for an address and send you a finders fee of $50.  This is a one time finders fee per customer however if the order or multiple orders are $1000 or more we may send $100.  It helps if the customer says you recommended our backdrops but not necessary.   USA stores only.