High Resolution Prints on Canvas

New  Canvas   BIG prints for Fantastic View Walls



Our BackDrops are also available on canvas. Use these high resolution murals to cover a wall with a beautiful walk-into picture of your favorite places in the U.S.  Our scenes may have 20 - 100 times more definition than the competition.  Our images are NOT photographs blown up.  We use special technology to get a super detailed image. Look at Why we are unique.

Canvas not available for model railroad backdrops

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We are the primary supplier of a large assortment of backdrops for model railroading worldwide and a major supplier of commercial wall covering scenes.  Scenes with the indicator are recommended as more suitable for canvas.  In particular look at Mts with Hills, Hills, Cities, Agricultural, Rugged Mts. There are over 100 choices.

Murals on canvas look like paintings but with the realism of a photograph. A window to a spectacular view. Fantastic on a frame as a large canvas print. A wide variety of sizes are available from 1 ft to 3 ft high and up to 13 ft long. Some modification may be available. Pricing is now $99 - $290 per print (36 in. x 164 in.), was $390 (reduced 26%).   Allow 3 weeks to receive the print. Shipping is $15.  Canvas is not recommended for model railroad backdrops (use our super media).   For stock numbers change the BD to CS  (BD MH 111Mw to CS MH 111Mw).

Framing is recommended for installation although other methods are acceptable.  There is a 5/8 inch or wider border around the print.  A wider border and smaller print is available at no additional cost and is priced at the larger standard print size.  Quantity ( 20% discount on 3 or more )  and wholesale prices are available.


Stock size

Ship Size

Useable Print Size


36 in. x 12 ft. 36 in. x 164 in. 34 in. x 158 in.


36 in. x 10 ft. 36 in. x 134 in. 34 in. x 128 in.*


36 in. x 08 ft. 36 in. x 110 in. 34 in. x 104 in.*


12 in. x 03 ft. 14 in. x 36 in. 11.4 in. x 34.75 in.*


 Odd sizes available   One dimension must be 34 in.

$33 / sq.ft 

* All scenes shown as 36 x 12  (actual 35 x 160).  Smaller sizes (10 ft., 8 ft.) are cut down from the side that has the label. If the label is on the left then the left side is cut off to the reduced size (cut 2 ft on left for 10 ft.). You can seen the label on the expanded view.  Special cut modifications may be available on request.  The size 12 in. x 3 ft is a reduced 36 in. x 8 ft.

For special modifications,   dim A = height (reduction in size height & length)  dim B = start in from left (after reduction),  dim C = width (after reduction).  All scenes shown at 35 in. high by 160 inch long.  Pricing $33 / sq ft or next higher standard size (whichever is less). Calculate dim B and C after applying dim A.

One dimension has to be 34 in  (34.75).

For an example of the detail (resolution) of our backdrops, click here

Canvas prints ARE water resistant. A water resistant spray can be applied for $60 / spraycan/ print.  This is a matte finish spray which adds some protection against UV fading and water spots.  All prints are made with UV inks and should last indoors, not in direct sunlight, for many years without the spray. 

Examples:  (over 100 of our scenes are suitable for canvas, look for )

To order or information 1-800-540-1708

The following are special non Canvas Prints, add $50 for canvas

Wall Prints



36 inch x 92 inch high resolution  $199.95

17.25 inch x 45 inch high resolution  $59.95

stock #   BD CM  811125S       Not for model RR

World Trade Center   

60 inch x 36 inch  High Resolution  $199.95

31 inch x 17.25 inch   $59.95

stock #   BD CM  810911S

Not for model RR

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