HELP with BackDrops and BackGrounds for model railroads / trains

   25 sizes available for Z, N, HO, S, O, G     

   Long life Quality investment for your Quality Layout 

   We have what you want - $30 and up  500+ scenes 20,000 variations -  all scales - over 100ft if needed 

   18 years in business and 20 years experience in backdrops near 100% customer satisfaction  

We hope our site is easy to use and informative. All of our orders are  custom printed just for you . It would be easier if we had only one scene and one size but nobody wants the same as what you want so we have over 20,000 variations, unlimited possibilities, sizes, scales, resolutions. We print many 100s of custom orders each year at near or over 100 ft., and some 8 ft., some only 41 inch with heights 10 to 81 inch, all unique and custom to the individual layout. Our oldest customer backdrops still great after 12 years.  Top modelers use our backdrops.  If you need benchwork, you need a backdrop NOW. Don''t wait and patch it up later.
  Please take a minute and read this entire page and save yourself time guessing.   If you need help or have a suggestion Call  after reading this page. Thank you 


over 999,999 items  and growing fast   Everything Model Railroad

Note: We are building a new much larger print facility in Colorado which is nearly finished.  Lead time is about 2 weeks. Hoped completion mid 2015. Phone messages are returned. We are now printing from Colo but some delays could occur. Order now - don't wait, we tell lead time when ordered.

Why buy from BackDrop Warehouse


The length is one piece as listed ( 8, 10, 12 ft), not pieces glued together. Multiple matching 12 ft sections 20, 50, 100,  200 ft to 18-80 inch high. We have multiple large format industrial printers, not prosumer home printers.
NO repeating scenes - entire length is unique and matching - no photo-retouched repeats - no reversed shadow




NO fisheye, NO panoramic angle     distorted views - do you really want 10 ft grass on ends and 2 ft car in middle or single point view? Check the scene carefully for scale change and distortions. Look carefully for N scale middle / ends, G on ends / middle. Our special process eliminates this problem.

NO 20 ft high car in middle and 2 ft trees on ends, our scenes are straight on view scale correct over the entire length, 100, 200 ft. Compare our scenes to any others for distortion. NO MIXED SCALE
Also watch for mixed sky colors, mixed non matching content, non matching scale, chopped off scenes


Our resolution  - check this out   and resolution . Many of our scenes (not all) are postcard quality viewed at 3 inches over 100 ft horizontally.
Properly scaled to YOUR preference, not ours, Z,N,HO,O, and printed on expensive UV safe, nylon embedded, water resistant, 12 mil banner
Almost an infinite number of scenes, sizes, scales, resolutions to meet your personal requirements for continuous unlimited length
Many of the modelers like you on    use our backdrops -   know what you are buying, it's your money - check us out

For those planning to make and print your own, you will probably end up paying more for less. A poor quality backdrop doesn''t add to your layout. Custom Backdrops are our business.  Industry print standard is $10-$12/sq.ft (you supply image).

 Our equivalent printed price is    $3.66 - $6.14/sq.ft    (and we supply high res. image).

If you are not looking for high quality custom backdrops but instead want economical not scale specific ready made scenes but still good quality, then try @ $30.00 limit any 6/order   or @ $40.00   as low as $12.00  limit any 3/order

Ez and Eg Scenes do not get the attention, scaling, continuity, sizing, variety as do BackDrops & BackGrounds
With BackGrounds and BackDrops you are getting a measured and tailored suit for you, with EB,EZ,EG you are taking it off the rack at WalMart.

Get +-$100  back by adding your layout photos to

Details in INDEX

PAYMENT BY invoice 

We do not accept money orders or checks, sorry

Prices start at $9.00, $18, $40, $60, $150 - $250 and discounts of 15%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 47%. It all depends on scale, size, quantity, resolution, and what you need, all custom printed. Big layouts cost less than you think (Buy More- Pay Less)BackGrounds, BackDrops, EzScenes, EzKut, EzBackGrounds, EgScenes, Blems, OverStock.

  Don't buy less than you need and be forever sorry. 

Your choice will last a long time and it may be hard to add to, match color or start over.
Discounts for 2, 3, 6 scenes       Buy what you really want and be happy for years.   

  Still holding at 2003 pricing with no increase - so far

     The site has one main section and many specialty pages. The most important page is INDEX

Except for the buttons on top of this help page, the buttons shown here are NOT functional and are shown for information only. 

The INDEX   has branches to other important pages, like Products, Blemished,  Layout Photos,  Media,  Contact us, Installation, Scale.  The middle is alphabetical like a book. All pages return to the INDEX page so you can never be more than one or two pages away from the INDEX.  This does not apply to MOCKUP or the scene categories.

Look at the pages available in the INDEX     use center column


 The   button will take you to a quick INDEX.

At the top of the PRODUCTS page are group selection buttons like Mts., Mts with Hills, Cloud scenes, etc.

You can get to PRODUCTS by the button from most pages by clicking your mouse on this button. All functional buttons change the cursor into a hand with a finger pointing.

From PRODUCTS you have 10 scene groups, pricing, scale, install (fastening), and transition information. Click your mouse on a button to go to that page.

From the PRODUCTS page there are several information branches with underlined text to view that page.

The PRODUCTS page also has general information about our products.

Look for:   INSTALL ,   SCALE ,  TRANSITIONS ,  MEDIA,  Background vs BackDrop
Install means Installation instructions,  Media means what it is printed on
Use the back button on your browser to return to the previous page.



   HO & N scale  Be careful what your order as far as scale size   

SCALE    has important information about scale and print size with samples and warnings.
It is very important to look at    for information about your scale and required print size and possible compression or reduced size.


     z n  HO  O      G use O     S use HO or O

Many scenes have a reduced size (1/2 scale) for N or HO -   example: Reduced size BG HL 263M     shown 36 in. by 12 ft

If you need a 1/2 size for HO or N and it is not shown, ask. There must be A&B or B&C etc.

For longer than 12 ft look for scenes that are A + B + C     HL 83A  HL 83B  HL 83C

Scenes that are not the same number will not go together     HL 83A   HL 58B

We do not guarantee any degree of matching or horizon height between scenes that are different numbers unless we do a transition.

We do not guarantee any degree of matching color, content or otherwise for scenes purchased at different times.
NOTE - We do not guarantee color match between panels, panel one matching panel two 

M is stand alone   HL 85M    there are no other scenes for HL 85

The small e or w is eastern or western sky   HL 85Me

All Eastern skies match as do all Western skies. We use our sky and clouds.

Other options are reversal (R)  HL 83AR→HL 83A→HL 83B→HL 83BR

or  HL 83A transition HL 58B→HL 58BR transition HL 83B

For short additions 12 ft (160inch) + 34.75inch  use SPECIAL CONSIDERATION on PRICING PAGE in price table.

Except for the buttons on top of this help page, the buttons shown here are NOT functional and are shown for information only. 

ROLLING HILLS has grassland, small hills, desert, generally flat and rolling terrain. HILLS-bigger, MTS w HILLS - bigger yet, RUGGED MTS - biggest

Each group button will take you to a thumbnail screen with small samples (thumbnails) of each scene. 


When thumbnails are close they are a continuous scene. No transition needed.

Unlimited length with   

Click on the button to go to the group page with stock numbers, or click on any thumbnail. 


All scenes shown as 36 in high x 12 ft long for O scale. Go to the SCALE page for scaling for HO, S, N and Z.

Use the Expand button to enlarge an individual scene. Use the BACK button on your browser to go back a page. We apologize for the "copyright" in the image but some people could not resist taking the image and blowing up to print for a very poor quality but free backdrop. Stolen backdrops are 5000 - 10,000 times lower resolution than legal backdrops.

The sharpness code on each scene give a relative sharpness, detail and look compared to other scenes. Not a grade but indication of detail, haze, contrast and other factors.

BackGround vs BackDrop definition at button of the same name at top of most pages or INDEX center column of same name.

 Serious Large Image bug in Internet Explorer 6 and up  - and FIREFOX   IMPORTANT
click here

Pricing can be reached from these buttons located under each scene and at top of pages and under P in INDEX.

All scenes come in all standard sizes except as noted.  Price is based on size. Only the sizes on PRICING are allowed.  We don't have "30 ft". That would be 3x10 ft of a continuous in 3 parts non repetitive scene with discounts.

WARNING - scenes full size is 36" vertically as shown. You may lose important features on 24" and 18". Buy 36" if not sure.

There are discounts of 15, 20, 30, 40 -50%, $90 credit and prices as low as $9.00.


                        SAMPLE OF 17 SIZES ON PRICING PAGE


Clouds/Sky Only



 24 in. by 8 ft.   HO
.$130  all scales
6 ink colors
 24 in. by 10 ftHO
.$135  all scales
6 ink colors
 24 in. by 12 ft. HO
.$140  all scales
6 ink colors
.36 in. by 8 ft.  O,  HO
6 ink colors

The price page also contains phone numbers, mounting info, guarantees, shipping, return policy, etc.  Checkout and Pricing under MOCKUP.

You can also place your order on-line without estimated pricing by going to INDEX    ON-LINE PAY

BackDrops  6 ink colors are higher resolution and more vibrant than BackGrounds

Most calls are about common questions clearly stated on FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions

Go to INDEX and FAQ

Most buttons have a bevel and when you put your mouse on the button it turns to a hand. Click or double click to go to that page. To return, use the BACK button on the top left of most browsers.

Fast Find takes you to a text only link to most everything.

You can see the latest scenes added by going to  INDEX then   RECENT ADDITIONS


Design your own BackDrop and test it on a layout.  Run 



To easily remove backdrops from the mailing tube, grab the inner edge of the roll(s) with your fingers and while holding, rotate the shipping tube in the opposite direction to make the backdrop roll smaller (tighter). Then slide the tube off the roll.  Make a note of this to have when you receive your order.


We also have    (EB scenes) which are inexpensive scenes 10 in x 8 ft.  Go to INDEX and Ez BackGrounds.  Most scenes are available as Ez Backgrounds.

We sell    Building Fronts and    Clouds.  Go to INDEX and EzKut Building Fronts. Sold only on

The EzScene line is 17 x 40 inch mini backdrop     Mostly full selection, BackDrop Quality, 6 ink colors
Not available when     Go to INDEX then EzScene$27.00


The EgScene line is 14 x 34 inch mini backdrop,   Limited selection, BackGround Quality, 4 ink colors, $12 - $20.
 Go to

A good example of an installation using rubber cement  click here

If you need help you can Call    We cannot pick scenes (it is your layout) but may be able to get you started.

To start, if you are new to this site, start with the . Otherwise, the best place to branch out is from the or .