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Our BackDrops do justice to the many hours you have spent on your layout

Your Layout is not complete until you have a Backdrop from Backdrop Warehouse!

Far more detail than any hand painted backdrop could ever have

Proprietary high resolution image processing for maximum detail

1000s sold every year to great modelers with layouts 8 to 100 ft 

We have a new product!!

The ONLY photographic cutouts!

EzKut Building Fronts, an inexpensive way to add buildings to a layout

Add clouds to wall or backdrop. Cover mistakes or seams

Cut-out buildings & clouds starting $9.95


Model Mart.us

We have opened a mall for model hobby shops, other hobbies and individuals to sell their stock.  We expect 100s of shops and individuals, with over 100,000 items for sale.  ModelMart is now open for Railroads and Hobbies. Individual sellers can now open your own shop in a special HOBBIES section.
Price Reduction Buy 2 scenes at retail and get 3rd at 60% off, plus other discounts

We are an authorized credit card merchant with Bank of America for 9 years.  Safe purchases on-line or by toll free number.
The only backdrops properly and
individually scaled for N_HO_O

Easy BackGrounds As low as $20.00 on ModelMart.us

Customer comment:

Awesome! just like you said. People come over and are amazed at how great the layout looks.  01110350

New Photographic Technology

Proprietary process used only by BackDrop Warehouse for high resolution, properly scaled, undistorted,  and unlimited length.


Why our BackDrops are unique.   click here
All scenes are properly scaled and printed custom for you when ordered. We do not mass print.
Our scenes are not fish eye, distorted and bowing panoramas, repeating objects, or digital creations. They are high detail large format new technology (developed by us)  photographs. 

All pictures on this web site are high resolution. Considerable detail should be evident.  Be sure your web browser is set for maximum colors (older browsers are adjustable).  IE6 users click here


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Reb Stout and 1000s of others have improved their layout with our backdrops.
Our backdrops are by far the most widely used on all scales of model railroads. Most of the photo backdrops on layout photos are from BackDropWarehouse.

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See how a backdrop looks with rolling stock and buildings
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Installing & Blending Photo Mural Backdrops

Unlimited length using

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We have a new line of

Easy BackGrounds

Smaller size 11.25 inch x 8.7 ft. $40 ea. x 3  Easy BackGrounds   (click here)
Experiment with scenes on your PC. Open scenes on your PC, enlarge, reverse, plan, More info (click here)

Customer Comment:

Your backgrounds made such a dramatic difference! Words can never explain how great they are! Thank you for a great product!

B. Dennis

Highest resolution BackDrops only $40 more with 3 + scenes. Impressive
Look at customer comments
Reb Stout layout photos
We have had a 400% increase in HO last 2 months, hello HO!
HO Scale sizes 18, 24, 36 in. high, properly scaled
Add fantastic depth to your layout

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The word most commonly used to describe our BackDrops / BackGrounds on a layout,

AWESOME! So real you can almost walk into the picture. click here

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Easy to install on new or existing layouts, just hang, paste or staple
Custom Builder - Customer was so happy with BackGrounds  he bought 5 more.

Comments from a recent customer

I want to tell you how pleased I am. I am ecstatic, like a kid with a new toy. I want to tell you it is incredible what your backdrops have done for my railroad.  It is fantastic.     Justus W.   

Purchased (10)  3 x 12 BackDrops. Outstanding product!  Fred G.

Comments about our backdrops are about 99% positive.      more comments

Why are you waiting to add the realism your layout needs?

 If you are wondering why our BackDrops/BackGrounds are so sharp it's because we use a new digital / photography process and special digital enhancements that we developed. Our scenes are about 50 times sharper than normal film blown up for printing. Our backdrops are NOT a slide blown up. A 36 ft scene from BackDrop Warehouse has about the same sharpness over the entire length as a conventional slide projected to less than a foot square. Our scenes may vary slightly due to location, weather, haze, lighting, etc., but all are extraordinary sharp for the size.  You won't find our quality with any other backdrop manufacturer.  If you want a quality backdrop, you are at the right place.

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Very important information - SCALE  

  Super Media at 12 mils, is a latex saturated, nylon reinforced paper. Almost indestructible. No cracks, No waves, No wrinkles, No scratches, and water resistant. >>click here for more info.<<   It feels a little like thin leather. We have used this media on scenes for over two years and many thousands of scenes without a problem. This media is very expensive so there is a $10/scene charge for super media.

Standard media (6 mils, not water resistant, not nylon reinforced) has no additional charge. Both are shipped in a 4 inch diameter round tube.  For installation instructions   (click here). 

  BackDrops are higher resolution than BackGrounds (600 print dots/inch and 6 ink vs 300 dots/inch and 4 ink colors). If you are standing more than a foot away, it may be hard to tell the difference. Although BackDrops may be 10 times sharper than BackGrounds, whether you can tell the difference depends on the scene and the viewing distance. BackDrops are impressive!There is no difference in color hue or color intensity but BackDrops may have more color detail. BackDrops come in all sizes.  BackDrops can have clouds moved down for trimming vertical size.  BackDrops are more important for Z and N scale.  more info

BackGrounds need to be viewed from 12 inches or more. For most layouts this is quite adequate. BackGrounds are our most common print and come in all sizes.


We have tried to make this site AOL friendly, however, sometimes AOL wont work. This is a problem with the way AOL handles images. Please try later, call AOL, or use Netscape or Internet Explorer.  WebTV might also have problems especially with ModelMart.

  Kit Bashing for backdrops means cutting out the sky.  We don''t recommend doing this but if you must, you should use the 18 inch high x 12 ft scenes for HO which have minimum sky and are 40% off in groups of 2. Select scenes that have minimum detail trees on the ridge.

Modifications we can do limited modifications like lowering a scene to remove a river on a few scenes - BackDrops only.

 Shelf layout  If you have a shelf layout down about 12 inch from ceiling, you might consider the scenes designed for this purpose 11.25 in. x 36 ft. There is one or two in most scene categories and is shown as 3 on a panel.  You have to look for them but they look different than the rest. Also available as 13 in. x 36 ft and priced as a 42 in x 12 ft.



 >>>Fastening <<<

Super Media can be stapled, tacked, nailed or glued using wallpaper paste, rubber cement, double stick tape. KEEP THE FRONT CLEAN

For more information on fastening (mounting), >>click here. <<

To identify each scene before installation, you can use the label on each scene which has the stock number or next to the label will be a number which is your invoice number and a letter A - H (A first on left) as you placed the order and matches to the invoice letters on invoice left. Example on the scene will be 04930202A, this is your invoice # and the first one on the left.

 Copyright - All images and text are copyrighted. Any text or images must have written approval before being used outside this site - with the following exception. If you are in doubt, assume it is copyrighted.

 EXCEPTION. Feel free to save an images to your PC, especially the expanded scene, then use your local imaging software (most PCs come with free imaging software) to expand to several feet for better viewing in the process of deciding on a background, backdrop, EzScene, EzBackground. Remember our printed scenes are 10,000 times higher resolution than the web.

The intension of  EXCEPTION is not to use our images to print for a backdrop. Besides avoiding paying for the backdrop, the concern is the expanded jpg image is 10,000 times or more poorer resolution than our printed backdrops making for a very poor quality product on poor quality paper with our name on it. Images are copyrighted against this type of use. Some of our printed scenes are as low as $9.00 and you will spend much more time and money to print your own from our images at greatly reduced quality. There is no way to get a good backdrop from our expanded image unless you have a VERY high tolerance for low quality. Don't do it!  We take a dim view of finding our products reprinted at poor quality. copyright modified Jan 17, 2007.

We apologize for the "copyright" in the image but some people could not resist taking the image and blowing up to print for a very poor quality but free backdrop. Stolen backdrops are 5000 - 10,000 times lower resolution than legal backdrops.

  For infinite expansion  (click here).

Size vs Scale.... Certain heights work best with particular scales. More info  (click here).  Mirror images: All scenes can be REVERSED DESREVER. Clearly tell us you want a reversed scene. Add an R to the end of the stock number. Be careful of reversed signs.


We can digitally blend almost any scene into any other scene. If you need an oil refinery into agricultural or hills into mountains, we can do it! 

 Transitions click here

Color matching for sky , A/B scenes and transitions only guaranteed when the scenes are purchased at the same time.

We make backdrops from your photos   click here

 Higher than 36 in.   We can add sky and clouds above the BackGround /BackDrop. Added height  (click here) 

 Longer than 12 ft. ...Although each stock backdrop or background has a maximum printed length of 12 ft. (160 in.), many are only a section of a larger scene. Look for -A, -B, -C on the BackGround stock number to indicate the section; -A left most, -C right most. There is a 3 inch overlap between sections. Buy all 3 for a 36 ft. scene. 3 ..10 ft. scenes will not be a continuous scene, the -B must be 12 ft (exception 18 in. N scale).

We need your help in selecting the type of background scenes to photograph.

Before you leave this site, please stop at our 1 min. survey on your future backdrop needs,  click here. It will be a great help to us to know what scenes you need. 100% anonymous.  Thanks to all participants so far.  Sale info after survey completed.

Please do not include any html, or anything other than straight text in your email. Any attachments or any embedded content will cause the entire email to be dumped.  This includes imbedded ads in the email.  This email address changes frequently to stop spam and viruses.  Title (subject) must = BACKDROP.  We do not give recommendations on scene choices or compatible transitions, sorry.