Scenery Design and Backdrop MockUp Program

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Easy to use, fun, informative, easy as 1, 2, 3
  Please take a minute and read the instructions on the next page

Use the main web to find the scenes you want and look at expanded views       then use MockUp to try them on a layout.
If you already have MockUp open on another browser, return to that browser. 
To open a new MockUp   Click here    

No purchase is necessary.  This is an aid to designing your backdrop.  Use the main web to rummage and explore. MockUp may take a minute or two for pages to load.  This program is used by 50+ people per day.

Designed for Internet Explorer 5 and later, Netscape 6.0 and later, uses Java Script and frames, requires cache enabled.

If you have trouble call 1-970-247-1583 ext 11