The default is BackGroundBackDrops are higher resolution and $50 more each scene.  Stock numbers will be corrected from BackGround numbers to BackDrop numbers if you click on the button below.  Be sure you have checked pricing and checked each scene on our web for special notes.  

This program is an aid to arrangement, it does not override  pricing, scale and scale availability.  You should have also looked at SCALE,   INSTALL,   TRANSITIONS,   PRICING  on our main web.  You should also have checked the individual scenes on the main web site for special notes.     Be sure you have looked at >>SCALE<<

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Estimated price, incl. s&h  $
This is an estimated priceIt may not include discounts.
If you need an exact price, please contact us.
For 42 inch high add $30 per scene to 36 inch

Payment by PayPal, account or guest, most credit cards accepted.  Select the proper SCALE from the dropdown on next page.

We will call you for orders over $100.   Special discounts and discounts for multiple 18 inch high are not indicated here.

You can also use the table above to phone in an order at 1-800-540-1708