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Above is a representation of how your choice may look for O scale 36 inch high. Actual prints have over 200,000 times more detail. 
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A layout without our backdrop. 

We use one algorithm to make this image. In reality we have several possible reduction schemes that we use on the actual image to produce the best results. This image is close but may not be exact.  HO 36 will look more like HO 24 with more sky. If you need HO, be sure to change scale to HO on the order form.
We do not cut off clouds in the printed scene. 
Clouds are moved away from the edges, and you would cut off labels and overlaps that may show here. Actual length may vary +- 3 inches  per scene.

You can use the face to check your browser color saturation.

Pricing is based on size not the scene.

There are discounts for multiple scenes.  To calculate the price, go to our pricing page. 


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