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We are primarily interested in two areas   

Your Layout Photos at http://MyRRLayout.com

Cash paid for your page in MyRRLayout.com clearly showing our backdrops. It must clearly show most of the backdrops purchased from us. Look at details.

Your Model Railroad Question answered


Cash paid for articles in MyMRQ.com .

We have released an on-line program MOCKUP to design your own scenery backdrops and we need photographs of layouts to use in the program.  We will pay $100 (limited time) for each layout that we use.  This is open to everybody in that you don't have to have purchased one of our backdrops to get the $100.  

The scene must be a straight line across the top consisting of rolling stock, motive power, buildings and scenery. We can trim unwanted walls etc. from above the line so your useable image can be in the middle of the picture. We cannot have buildings and scenery extending above the line and we don't want large gaps below the line (small gaps we can fill digitally). We need the first one to two feet of the layout near the backdrop or wall (the back of the layout, not the front) .  Objects cutoff at the bottom in the foreground is ok, like showing only the upper half of a building or part of scenery as long as it doesn't extend above the top line.  The layout must to finished.  Everything must be well and evenly lighted, and in focus. We suggest 3 to 6 overlapping shots perpendicular to the layout and slightly above the table The angle must be straight on. There must be considerable rolling stock in the photo. We need at least18 car lengths, 30 is better.  A sample shot of 1/2 or 1/3 length is below. It is possible to put two layers together, a top rolling stock layer and a bottom building layer as we have done here.  The building layer can be in pieces to be resized and fit together.

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For this MockUp special ONLY

Please send 35mm slides  to BackDrop Warehouse, P.O. Box 27877, Salt Lake City, Ut. 84127-0877, or Email jpeg (only) images (around 150-200kb) to email Zip files will be immediately discarded.  


If you plan to email an image as an attachment, send us a warning email first - text only and request our special email address for attachments, otherwise your attachment may be dumped as a virus. Do not include any html, or anything other than straight text in your email. Any attachments or any embedded content other than jpg  will cause the entire email to be dumped.  This includes imbedded ads in the email.  This email address changes frequently to dump spam and viruses.
We pay $ for photographs of your layout.  Buy one or more BackDrops or BackGrounds, then open a page on http://myrrlayout.com  
We apologize if this site is a little slow to load.  Images are fairly high detail and we are averaging over 200 people per day spending more than 1/2 hour.  Take your time, there is a lot to look at.  High usage hours are around 12 and 8 PM. 

You can also try   http://www.AllScaleBackdrops.com or   http://www.Backdrops4Models.com  if this site is slow.

Buy early. Don't wait until your layout is complete then try to fit in a backdrop. Remember, allow at least 2 weeks for delivery especially during the high volume months of Oct. - April.  All BackDrops and BackGrounds are prepared and individually printed custom for you.

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Can you write a "HOW TO"

We need a comprehensive write-up on how to install backdrops for O and HO scale .  The write-up for our web must include pictures and be fairly detailed.  We will pay depending on the quality of the article, typically around the cost of the backdrops used. Limit $300. Call 1-800-540-8544 before you start anything.   Note: as of 7-24-02 we have a backlog of web articles and are getting very particular.  We also require that the article first be posted on myMRQ.com .

Example:    click here

or go to MyMRQ.com for instant articles.



Receive up to $100 plus cost of your backdrops for an article 

We will match the payment from the publisher up to $100 plus all or part of your cost for the backdrops used (depending on the number of backdrops purchased and the quality of the article) when you write an article for any of the major model railroad magazines below.  The article must be published and be at least one full page.  It must involve our backdrops and our company must be mentioned as supplier in the article.  Payment made after the article is published. You must first Call 1-800-540-8544 for article ideas, acceptable magazines and contacts.  We can retouch and improve your photos for no charge.
We recommend quality magazines such as:

 Railroad Model Craftsman   

 O Gauge Railroading 

 Narrow Gauge Gazette    


Any other magazine may not qualify for payment.

Note on payment: An article is advertising for our product and we hope the photographs show our backdrops properly.  We have seen some recent photos that were not appealing due to poor installation (wrinkles), poor lighting (spot rather than defused,  highlighting the wrinkles) and less than the best photography (blurry, narrow depth of field).  We retain the right not to pay or pay less if the pictures or article do not show our product as appealing. Must be  no wrinkles, well lighted and in focus.